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My name is Ryan Meade. I am 32 years young. I was born & raised in Peoria, AZ. Long time local resident of the community. I am the son of Steve & Sally Meade. My father ran my grandpa’s real estate company, Ken Meade Realty, after my grandpa retired. I would work the summers at my dad’s office in Sun City, AZ. He taught me the importance of a strong work ethic. If elected, I will fight for the people of District 21. I am running as a Republican, but not a “RINO.” I am just like you - a fed up citizen of America. I have watched this great country suffer for years. I am finally taking a stand for all of us, by saying “enough is enough.” We, the people, run the government. Our tax money pays them & I’m not happy with them. I will always put America first! I am anti mandates of any kind. We still live in America, so no one should be forced to do what they’re not comfortable with. I hope you elect me.

God bless,


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